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 'Head Games'


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11" x 14" concept sketches on board


 'Tin Cans'




 'Ring Master'




 'Coconut Shy'


 'Ping Pong'






'Spin the Wheel'

3ft x 4ft detailed designs on board


 'Striped Clown'

 'Shooting Ducks'

 'Clown with Ruff'


 'Balancing Cane'

 'Chair Swallower'

 'Tin Cans'

finished sculptures using life size head


'Sitting Duck' 

'Shooting Ducks'

'Ring Master'

'Leathered Clown'

'Balancing Cups'


 'White Clown'

 studies for 'Sitting Duck'


'Head Games' review by Malcolm Parry


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