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The Vancouver Sun, Thursday, March 8, 2001




 The British-raised former advertising artist, impressed Third Avenue Gallery-goers in 1996 with a macabre show of leather-masked heads, tools and the like that got them thinking about restriction and claustrophobia.

He's still working Art Street's shady side with another mixed-media exhibition that addresses his question: "If clowns make us laugh, who makes them laugh?"

The answer may lie partially in a circus-ring event this writer saw as a child. In a fandango involving many clowns manoeuvring an ancient car that leaked, exploded and fell apart, a tiny clown leaped from the roof, landed head-first in the sawdust and was whisked away by his cavorting colleagues. Only later did we learn the little fellow had broken his neck and died.

Bungay's show is like that.


Malcolm Parry


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