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Artist Statement for

'For External Use Only'

Third Avenue Gallery, November 1996

Personal anxieties may be triggered by the state of the figure and faces in my work; feelings of suffocation, claustrophobia, restriction and bondage. It is only in confronting such responses that we begin to understand and perhaps overcome our fears and limitations.

I create devices which have an implied use. Once they might have saved lives, or destroyed them. Maybe they were used to glean information, medical or confidential, through stimulation or torture, experimentation or study. Imposed or volunteered. A needle can kill you or it can save your life, depending on its use. So too, my devices.

The ambiguousness of the pieces and their titles leaves everything up to the imagination. As the artist I want the viewer to create their own understanding as to why the piece exists. Put yourself in the mask. Why are you there? Figure out the method in the madness. Deranged scientist, inventor, martyr or patient. Only after you have subjected yourself to the examination will you really know the answers.

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